Another Anniversary

On 14 April 1975, Bp. Emile Destombes ordained Fr. Salas the first Cambodian bishop. That was the last action of the official church in Cambodian until Easter Sunday, 14 April 1990. That was when Bp. Emile (above, right), after his return, celebrated the first official public mass after the fall of the Khmer Rouge. The mass was celebrated in Chenla Theater and those present said the electricity went off and the only light was the paschal candle. This week is the 30th anniversary of that resurrection of the Cambodian Church

A follow-up…

This is the building on the site of the former cathedral of Phnom Penh diocese. When I first arrived in 2000, a large TV broadcasting antenna was on this site but then it was replaced with this building which is the headquarters of the Ministry of Telecommunications.