Easter Sunday

This is by far the most unusual Easter Sunday I have ever experienced. Probably many others–maybe most others–can say the same thing. It’s an unprecedented time for us.

Two reflections for the day:

1. When will I see you again…?

These are the Easter decorations now adorning the sanctuary at St. Joseph Church–but we are not allowed to gather there because of COVID-19. The Easter Season continues until Pentecost on 31 May. Will we have a chance to see these decorations before we have to take them down? [Thanks to Rita and Bede and Bertina Uwalaka for the decorating.]

2. An Easter video…

The coronavirus is seen as a single jet fighter attacking Italy….

I find this video really inspiring! A sudden explosion of resolve and determination to defeat an evil. And that is what Easter is–an explosion of new life and a union with Jesus that enables us to overcome the darkness, the fears, the tragedy in our lives.