Bangkok Trip–Day 1

I flew to Bangkok today for a medical exam tomorrow, flying into the old Don Mueang Airport and then taking an airport bus into town where I got a taxi to this new Maryknoll house. It took a bit of doing to get here. Even the Bangkok taxi driver couldn’t find the little lane where the house is located and then couldn’t find the house. And for me it was the first time I have been to the new place.
I hadn’t eaten lunch when I arrived at 2:30 PM so I walked down the little allies and lanes and found this little shopping center where I bought a sandwich and a Coke. I took this picture because you never see a parking lot in Cambodia—which is why the sidewalks and front rooms of their houses are full of cars.
Walking back from the shopping center, I passed this forlorn guitar waiting for a garbage pick-up.
Shortly after I got back into the house, we had a heavy downpour, the type of afternoon rain we have now in Cambodia also.
A bonus for this trip was staying with Bro. Tim Raible (center) at the new Maryknoll house, and visiting also were Hiep Vu (red shirt) and his wife Tawny (right) and her sister Hang. Hiep and Tawny were lay missioners with us in Vietnam and Cambodia and are now serving in Bolivia.