Fun Play Group at Christmas

A group of parents in the English-speaking Catholic community have formed a Fun Play Group to allow their children to meet and be friends with other children in a fun atmosphere with a little prayer and reflection to help the children grow in a positive setting.

The group met Saturday night after the evening mass and a good time was had by all!

Many of the children–basically from 7 to 12 years old–knew each other from the religious education program on Saturday mornings.  As is the norm in our church community here, no two families came from the same country.
In this pre-Christmas season, the group shared the different Christmas traditions and practices from their home country. Here Marta offers the group a Polish Christmas food.
Ann then invited everyone to sample a fruit salad that is served in the Philippines at Christmas time.
The children enjoyed getting together but so did the big kids. Here a group of mothers from five different countries get the chance to talk about Christmas and what it has meant for them and their families.