Starting to plan….

At the end of December, the Maryknoll Seedling of Hope project will close and the Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme will move its offices and activities to the present Seedling grounds.  Our usage of the property will be quite a bit different from at present so we have been going to Seedling to look at the grounds and buildings to determine how we can best utilize them.

One part of the Seedling grounds that is currently underutilized is this adjoining property where we are going to house students in our education and job training projects. At the far end of the property, beyond the two figures, is a single-story building with six units where we will create dorm rooms with bunk beds.
We want to preserve most or all of the garden area in the middle of the lot and then at the other end renovate this garage building into some sort of kitchen with an outdoor covered eating area for the students and for the deaf community when they come for special events.