Learn about MKLM!

I know many people have, at one time or another, entertained ideas of serving in mission in another country.  But then school or careers or families intervened and the mission idea was put on the shelf.  At some point, though, you may discover you can take your mission ideas off the shelf to see where the mission call leads you.

Maryknoll Lay Missioners offers orientation, language training, and support in mission placements in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to people from their 20s to their 60s–or maybe a little higher?  If you’d like to learn a little more about Maryknoll mission from Karen Bortvedt, the Maryknoll Lay Missioner recruiter, she will offer a webinar (a seminar on the web) on August 15 at 10:00 AM EST.  If you would like to take a peek, send an e-mail to join@MKLM.org for login information.  This webinar–and more to follow–are just to give information.