Khmer New Year Day 3

The third day of the new year traditionally is focused on honoring statues of Buddha but there was not much sign of that in Phnom Penh.  Maybe it was taking place in the provinces.  Probably later tonight we will see real traffic jams as the hundreds of thousands of people start returning to the city.

I went out to a convenience store in a neighborhood where there are a lot of expatriate residents and it was open, but most of the other businesses were closed up tight light this car care center. Even the tuk-tuk driver was sleeping on the back seat because of lack of business.
Our street was still blocked–for the fourth day now–by a funeral tent. It is one of the most ridiculous customs allowed here, blocking streets for weddings and funerals. It’s a carryover from the rural past when people put up tents for special celebrations in public places because there were no halls or big rooms. Now there are but they still block streets. Normally a family will block it overnight or for one day. This family will have the tent for at least five days, probably to show that they have the money to do it.