It’s Not My Job….

Recently there has been a flurry of street paving in our part of town.  It’s getting close to local elections and the ruling party wants to show its best side.  Before the pavers got to Street 105, though, two really deep holes had developed on two successive street corners.  Apparently water underneath the pavement had washed away whatever foundation there was and a hole developed, straight down, at least eighteen inches deep and ten inches wide and extending who knows how far under the pavement.  When they first appeared, the populace did what they usually do, stick a tree branch into the hole to make it more visible.

But then the street pavers came along.  Now their job is to pave the street, not repair it, so they just paved around the hole.

A DEEP hole in a busy street. With no more tree branches around, someone covered it with a piece of cardboard, perhaps thinking the contrasting color might alert motorists to the danger.
Probably after some motorcycle or bicycle crashed into the hole, someone then put these bags of trash on the edges of the hole as a warning.

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