New Year’s Day 2017

Today was the first day of 2017 and it was a good start to a new year. It started early. I left home at 5:55 AM for a 6:30 AM mass with the Salesian Sisters in Teuk Thla, across town. They were having a Family Day at their school and so couldn’t go out for mass as they usually do. Then I went to St. Joseph Church for the 10:00 AM mass there.

Then in the afternoon, after doing some work at home, I went to Waffle Magic, a new little shop set up by a young couple from our English Catholic community. That was a fun experience although I didn’t get to see Hannah Lyn and Martin there. When I was leaving I managed to run into a group of deaf people outside the shop, and while we were talking two more groups of deaf people came along and it was wonderful to catch up with them, a fine young group.

Waffle Magic
The new Waffle Magic shop
Waffle Magic
A banana walnut waffle!
Young deaf people
A group of fine young deaf people