Fire, Yes. Electricity, No.


Last night I was at an Advent reconciliation service and I got a call from the DDP co-director who told me that the wiring on the pole across the street from the Deaf Development Programme was burning.  This morning there was no electricity or Internet service because of the fire on the pole.  But much to my surprise, the electricity company came this morning and repaired the wires.  I honestly thought it might be a week before they came, given the way things work in the Kingdom of Wonder.  Another surprise was seeing them using a truck with a power lift.  Always before it’s a couple guys hauling big ladders around on a motorcycle.  Maybe some things are changing here.  Notice the remaining wiring under the street light is all white.  That is the fire retardant powder sprayed from four of the DDP fire extinguishers and four from the apartment building in the background.  You don’t call the fire department in Cambodia.  It would take them forever and then you would have to pay them before they fight the fire.  But now we’ll have to pay to refill our fire extinguishers.