Women’s Day Celebration 2017


This year International Women’s Day fell on a Wednesday but because many of the deaf people must work during the week, the celebration was moved to the previous Sunday.  A good crowd turned out and it was a fun day.

In the Morning

For the celebration DDP set up tents in the yard of the Catholic Church Student Center which graciously hosted our event.
Early arrivals enjoyed talking and then benefiting from the services of the deaf young women being trained in beauty skills at Bi Salon.
Some of the young women practiced new hair styles on each other.
Then Sopheap practiced on Charlie Dittmeier. There wasn’t as much to work with!
Then some of the guys got some hair-dos they probably wouldn’t wear out on the street!

In the Afternoon

This year the lunch was simpler than in some other years and rice boxes and boxes of chicken and vegetables were ordered for everyone.
Various activities were set up around the grounds. A popular feature was this picture frame, here occupied by two of the DDP sign language interpreters.
Karen Bortvedt, a Maryknoll Lay Missioner who is on the staff of DDP, participated, with Raksmeay, in a cooking demonstration highlighting similar Western and Khmer dishes.
And throughout the day friends were able just to get together and catch up on each other’s lives.