Women’s Day 2020

Today was International Women’s Day. In the past, this was always one of the bigger events of the DDP year, but this year, because of budget cuts, we had a smaller celebration. It still turned out to be a delightful, friendly, pleasant day, however.

Because I had the Catholic mass on this Sunday morning, I was not able to arrive until lunch time when groups of friends were gathered to eat and talk.
A lunch group of young women who are DDP students.
Former students catching up.
Most of the deaf people had rice boxes we ordered but there were other foods available also, like these half-hatched chicks roasted in the egg shell.
The drinks table is always a popular focal point throughout the day.
We didn’t have as many activities as in the past, but this young deaf woman showed off her skills in fingernail art.
One of the worst aspects of deafness is the isolation in most aspects of their lives so getting together is really important and even the goodbyes are long and drawn out.