Women’s Day 2018

8 March was International Women’s Day but because most of the deaf women had to work that day(!), we moved our DDP celebration to the following Sunday.  Today a good number of the deaf community, women and men, came together for the festivities.  There were games and activities to enjoy and the chance just to be with friends and to be able to talk in their own language, Cambodian Sign Language.

The organizers offered a variety of simple games to fill the time during the day. Here two deaf women try to blow a ping pong ball over a series of cups of water.
Another game was tossing small rope loops, trying to get at least one around one of the target water bottles.
In between games, a fashion show, skits, and other activities, the deaf young people just enjoyed being together.
Another game was attempting to bat a ping pong ball into the air a required number of times using not a paddle but a small stick about 1 1/2 inches wide.
The darts game seemed easy but proved to be one of the more difficult activities.
Many of the deaf youth have married since I arrived in Phnom Penh and now at all of our DDP activities the planners need to arrange a play area and child supervision.
Winners at each of the games accumulated points and were able to redeem them at this table for a variety of prizes.
The day was hot and long and so the drinks table was a favored spot. A variety of drinks were available.
Fr. Pedro and Yessica from the Quebec Foreign Mission group came to support the DDP activity and were chatting with Russ Brine, a Maryknoll lay missioner.
During the morning and also in the afternoon there were some large group activities such as a fashion show and some skits.