Wet Market

A wet market in Wuhan in China seems to have been the point where an animal virus made the jump to a human host, resulting in the COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing. Here is what a wet market looks like in Cambodia, albeit a rather clean one.

Wet markets get their name from the fresh meat that is sold there, along with other items that are not packaged.
There are always so many different types and cuts of meat–what kind, I have no idea–and different types of eggs and vegetables.
A small poultry stall.
An even smaller poultry stall. Don’t mind the leg. Hygiene isn’t a value here. While I was taking the photo, a baby rat ran across the path on the left.
Even though a wet market focuses on meat, there will also be a few vegetable and fruit stalls so that customers can get most of the items on their list without going to another market.
And there will be some packaged goods–salt, sugar, soap, etc.—that would normally be found in a dry market, again for convenience sake.