Wednesday — 7 August 2019

Today was a travel day from High Wycombe to London to Manchester.

Som Vichet and Justin Smith are two dear friends who were colleagues at the Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme in Cambodia before they had to return to England. I stayed with them in High Wycombe.
I left High Wycombe at 9:45 AM and returned to London’s Euston Station and caught a train to Manchester where I was to meet my sister and her family.
The train station in Manchester. London trains run every twenty minutes to Manchester.
When I got to Manchester I needed to go to the area called Altrincham. Luckily the Metrolink goes from the train station to that area where it makes its final stop.
I was able to walk from the Metrolink to the hotel in Altrincham and there I met up with my sister Martha (L), Caleb who is getting married, William, and husband Mark.
We ate in a market food area.
We still had a lot of daylight after eating so Caleb showed us
some of the downtown area of Altrincham. The old English architecture is beautiful.
This was our turnaround spot where we started heading back to the hotel.