Water Festival Preparation

This morning going to mass across town, it was still three days till the Water Festival but there were many signs that it is getting near. Many different groups were out on the street making preparations.

One sign that something big is about to happen was the unusual number of tourist buses parked on the road leading to the Royal Palace and the riverfront. Many tourists like to plan their visits to countries when they are celebrating holidays so they can experience some of the local culture.
Along that same road leading to the palace, several crews were decorating the trees with strings of fairy lights.
The government has promised that more than 10,000 police and military will be on the streets to provide protection and security during the Water Festival.
Near the riverside, new pictures and signboards with images and quotes from the King Father have been put up.
A viewing stand for VIPs has been built right on the water’s edge to give the best view of the finish line.
Other large signs with slogans have appeared in front of the royal palace.
This is a large neon display mounted on a barge moored at the riverbank. During the Water Festival, fifteen or so of these beautiful displays will create a floating parade along the Tonle Sap River each night, a really fascinating sight.