Various accommodations

It has been raining–and flooding–in Cambodia for more than a week now. Every day there is more rain falling, not all day long but a significant amount each day. Today on the way across town for mass, I saw how some of the locals were adapting to protect themselves from the elements.

Some chose just to sit it out under the marquee of a closed shop.

Some took a look at the sky as they left home and came prepared.

When riding double, the pillion rider has two choices if he/she doesn’t have her own poncho: Ride under the poncho of the driver, meaning you can’t see anything; or, Get up close to the driver and let him catch all the rain. The latter works rather well until you stop moving forward.

Then there are those who improvise: in the left photo, the couple make use of an umbrella they have with them. In the right photo, a man who doesn’t want to get hot and steamy under the poncho just ties it around his neck, like an apron, so that it catches most of the rain but lets him catch the breeze.

And then there are those who just say “What the heck,” and go ahead and get wet.