USA Trip — #7

This morning we had a half day of meetings for the board, fulfilling the rest of the agenda and also taking care of several loose ends and scheduling for next year. Then I traveled to Louisville, Kentucky.

One of the big topics of the morning was the defined benefits plan the Maryknoll Lay Missioners have offered to the lay missioners.
During the break board member Suzzy McLean checked some numbers on her laptop
Mike Cammarota, Vic Doucette, and Sara Welch discuss a proposal.
The back side of the Maryknoll seminary building.


I had to leave thirty minutes early to catch a ride to JFK airport in New York City for the first leg of a flight to Louisville, Kentucky.
The American Airlines flight went through Charlotte, North Carolina, a rather large airport that is distinctive for its white rocking chairs place along all the corridors and waiting areas.
A distinctive feature of almost all US airports is pay-to-use luggage carts.
In the rest of the world, they are free.