US Trip: Days 9 and 10

All was not smooth traveling on the trip home, but overall it was a good trip.  I went to bed Monday night after supper and got a few hours sleep before I got up at 1:15 AM and then walked 2 1/2 blocks in Manhattan–pulling two suitcases weighing 70 lbs.—to the Newark Airport Bus.  The last bus was to leave at 2:20 AM and I arrived at 2:00 AM–just as a bus pulled away.  Another fifteen seconds and I would have caught it, but I was hoping that the last bus would still actually come and leave at 2:20 AM.  It didn’t, and I had to take a taxi to the airport for $80+ with the tip.

From Newark, the first stop was San Francisco where morning fog was still around the airport.
Then it was a 12-hour flight over the Pacific and Japan and finally crossing the coast of Korea.
I had never been to Incheon airport in Seoul before but had heard good things about it. It certainly had distinctive wash basins in the restroom!
I found that Incheon also offers some sort of transit tours for passengers with a long layover but I didn’t have time to try it out.