US Trip: Day 3

After returning to the airport, I had a couple more hours to wait until boarding a direct flight from Tokyo to Newark.  That flight was 12 hours although it was scheduled for 13 hours.  Arriving in Newark, I took the airport bus into Manhattan to Grand Central Station and then the MetroNorth railway to Ossining.  The taxi ride from the Ossining station to Maryknoll turned out to be $8 now, quite a jump from $5 in October.  Then I found that the access number given me for the door to the building wouldn’t work and it took me an hour to find someone who could let me in.

In the morning I went over to Maryknoll Lay Missioners headquarters in the Walsh Building to say hello to everyone and found Marci Winston preparing packets for all the board members for our meetings starting tomorrow.
This is the Regina Coeli Building where I couldn’t get in last night. It’s the former cloister for the contemplative nuns of the Maryknoll Sisters.
From the hill where Regina Coeli is located, it’s possible to see the Hudson River just a couple miles away.
While we are staying at Regina Coeli, our meals are being provided in the Sisters Center. I was the first of the board members to arrive last night but by supper this evening a good number of our group were present.