Tuesday — 6 August 2019 (Afternoon)

After Hyde Park, I went to several sites connected with British royalty.

The first site I reached was the memorial to King Albert, quite a fanciful structure, much more elaborate than the usual staid statue.
Across the street from the memorial is the Royal Albert Hall, bearing the king’s name. I became familiar with the Royal Albert Hall by discovering the Proms, an annual program of classical music on a series of Sundays. The music is performed in this circular hall and broadcast worldwide on the BBC where I heard it.
From the Royal Albert Hall, I started walking to Kensington Palace–and passed this trapeze school where ordinary people can learn to perform on the flying trapeze. It was set up within a park
This the backside of Kensington Palace where traditionally the young royals live. I couldn’t see the front of the palace because it is blocked off for security, but I hope it is a little more exciting. The backside looks like it could be an old factory.
The British are known for doing things in the proper way and this may be an example of that mentality. I saw this container in a park on the backside of Kensington Palace.
From Kensington Palace I took the Underground (subway) to Westminster Abbey. I had always wanted to see it, having heard so much about it, but an entrance ticket cost $25+ and I decided I know enough about the inside of churches that I could pass on the Abbey for that price.
Westminster Abbey is on the Thames River and I took this picture of the Eye of London from Westminster Bridge.

Then it was on to Buckingham Palace where the Queen lives. I don’t think I’d like to live in a building that is a tourist attraction.

From there I went back to High Wycombe to rest up after a full day of walking.