Trip to USA–16 October

Today was the last full day in Kentucky and it was another busy day.

  1. My first stop was the pastoral center of the Archdiocese of Louisville where I met with Archbishop Joseph Kurtz.  He had asked that I stop by once a year to let him know that I have a place to sleep and food to eat.  We had a good visit and then he showed me the map above which indicates with strings the various places that have connection with the church of Louisville.  There’s a blue thread for me on the map, leading to Phnom Penh.
  2. From there I went to visit Fr. Jerry Timmel at Nazareth Home Clifton.  He worked with deaf people in Louisville before me and has been a strong supporter of the Deaf Development Programme in Cambodia through the years.

  3. Then I went back to my sister Jane’s house to do more sorting of my stuff that I have stored there.  Jane had lots of things she had collected over the years and had arranged like a yard sale in her basement where the brothers and sisters were invited to come and take what they wanted for free.  I was tempted by the lava lamp but figured it would be too hard to get it back to Cambodia—and it would also need 110 volts.
  4. The fourth stop was the home of my cousins Judith and Bob.  Almost always I stay at their house some nights when I am in Louisville but this trip that was inconvenient because of borrowing a car from the other side of town so we settled for my coming over for dinner tonight.