Trip to USA–12 October

Today in the morning I focused on a lot of work I brought with me from Cambodia or that arrived by e-mail.  Then in the afternoon I went to the post office to mail letters people in Cambodia gave me to post here (not trusting the Cambodian postal service).

After I got home from the post office, I again helped my brother-in-law lay paving stones on his new patio.  My sister Jane and her husband Dave came over to see how the project is progressing.


A reunion for the Dittmeier cousins is scheduled for tomorrow night but for the early arrivals the organizers arranged for us to go to a food fair sponsored by St. Michael’s Orthodox Church in Louisville.  Here my brother and his friend–who arrived late–talk with cousins from Georgia and Louisville.


When I got back to my sister Mary’s (R) house after the dinner, I found my sister Martha had arrived from Cincinnati.