Australia: February 20

Compared to what was to follow, today was a relatively easy day and we went to only two schools.

The first school of the day was Mercy College in Koondoola, and it was a spectacular experience. The students and staff were alive with social justice concepts. Here one of the religious education staff explains an aboriginal artwork in the school foyer.
Mercy College is a K to 12 coed secondary school with 52 countries represented.
I spoke to a large assembly but also to special service groups who were really in tune with the needs of others and their need to work with compassion for them.
In the afternoon we went to Sacred Heart College in Sorrento. I was able to get photos only of a small chapel as we passed by.
Later in the afternoon we went to Deacon Paul Reid’s office and worked there for several hours.
As we left the afternoon sun set off the cathedral against a blue Western Australian sky
Across the street from the present cathedral in Perth is this small church, still in use, which was the original cathedral for what is now the archdiocese.