Shops with Heavy Wooden Furniture-2

It really is amazing all the different places you can find heavy wooden furniture, especially the stools.  They are everywhere, in homes and businesses, in rich places and poor places, in the cities and the rural areas.  Here are more shops that have the furniture.

Here is a computer shop with the wooden stools.
The stools and massive table at a dentist’s office, maybe his outside waiting room?  Notice the simplified style of these stools, just straight lengths of heavy solid lumber.
Another tailor shop with the furniture.  It DOES make a good solid work table for cutting fabrics, etc.
Even a pop-up shop on the street has one of the stools!  You can grasp the cultural hold on the populace this furniture has to think someone hauled this 150+ lb. piece of solid wood to a sidewalk display to set stuffed animals on it.
A hotel lobby with heavy wooden elephant statues.