Offices with Heavy Furniture

Commercial shops feel they must have the heavy wooden furniture–probably it lends a certain air of dignity and worthwhile-ness to customers–but offices have the furniture, too.

This is the furniture in a the large work and meetingĀ  area outside the office at St. Joseph Catholic Church.
This is the required heavy table and stools in a corridor at the police compound where we went to be fingerprinted.
Here is heavy furniture in the reception area of a guest house.
The Deaf Development Programme is renting what was built as a house and it came with its own set of furniture–which we didn’t want. It took six men to lower this settee from the fourth to the ground floor so we could get it out of the way by the main entrance.
These heavy chairs we put in a work room where they are less of an obstacle.
This smaller–but still very heavy–table also ended up in the workroom.
Upstairs in the DDP building is this table set with four stools. It was too much trouble to move it so we just left it there.