Gas Stations and Auto Shops

To me the most unlikely place to find the heavy wooden Cambodian furniture would be in a gas station or an auto repair shop or car wash.  But the furniture is there with all the grease and oil and chemicals–and with the water in the car wash!

A heavy wooden stool in a gas station. It’s where the pump attendant sits.
A whole set–heavy table, heavy chairs–in a rural gas station.  And with one of the wooden “vases” to boot.
Another stool by the pumps.
Waiting for business. At least he has a place to sit.
More waiting, more wooden stools.
The MOST bizarre place, IMHO, to find this furniture is in an auto body repair shop.  Note this one has a huge wooden table!  Do they worry about nicks and gouges from tools and metal parts?
And then there’s this car wash. When there’s no car to wash, we have to have a place to sit, right?