Massive Wooden Furniture

The most prominent characteristic of Cambodian wooden furniture is that it is massive!  Look at the size and heft of these pieces of furniture that is sold in shops and even on the street.  And it’s all luxury wood so that these pieces cost thousands and thousands of dollars!  That’s the monetary cost.  Imagine the cost to the forests to fell one huge luxury tree to make a simple vase-like object to stand in your living room.

One of the MANY shops that sell a variety of heavy wooden furniture.
Making two tables. Note the solid wooden tops, the larger six inches thick.
Two more tables. Note the bottom one with a solid top ten inches thick.  We talked to a man who had one like that: it took thirteen men to carry it into his house and it cost more than $10,000.
You have seen the large Chinese vases in museums. This is the Cambodian equivalent, a huge free standing object but for an average house.
Another shop with a wide range of wooden offerings.
Most of the massive tables and chairs are so massive as to be unusable. Even less functional are the mythological creations!