Cambodia’s luxury woods, especially highly prized in Vietnam and China, are crafted into many valuable pieces of furniture.  But even the stumps and odd portions of luxury tree trunks are sought after.  They can be worked into various free-standing works of art that grace many homes and businesses.


Here is a large portion of a tree trunk that has been fashioned into an objet d’art in a hotel lobby.
Another carved tree stump in another hotel lobby.
Wooden art creations awaiting sale in a wood shop.
The first step: a truckoad of stumps and rough odd-sized portions of tree trunks being taken to the wood carvers.
These sections of tree trunks have been cleaned up and given a first cutting and await a detailed carving design.
This wood shop has really rough pieces of irregularly shaped wood set out in front, perhaps to stimulate the imagination of a potential buyer.