Topics: Trinkets

An interesting scenario in life-in-Phnom Penh is the selling of trinkets on the sidewalk beside the Tonle Sap River.  I go past there every Sunday–the only day I see the trinket sellers–and this man, or more usually a woman, sits on the walk with a display of trinkets that attracts a surprising number of people.

The majority of the wooden and brass trinkets are related to Buddhism–small statues of Buddha–but there are also metal objects, pieces of jade, etc.


It may not be the main purpose of setting up on the sidewalk each Sunday, but this woman serves as a community center and people come to look and browse through her wares but maybe more importantly to stay and talk a bit and enjoy a friendly conversation in a relaxed setting on this one morning of the week.  Sometimes there is just one person there, other times there are a handful, but there is almost always someone perusing the trinkets.

The man standing is a new addition to the trinket scene. He has brought his own tarp and a whole pile of old watches (in the background) and people can also sort through his wares also when they stop to see the lady’s trinkets.