Topics: Traffic Rules

Motorcycle Mirrors

About nine or ten years ago, Cambodia decided to go along with the rest of the world and started requiring rearview mirrors on motorcycles. Prior to that motorcycles were sold without mirrors. There was significant resistance to implementing the new measure but now most motorcycles have the mirrors and many drivers are even learning how to use them. I have noticed now that many of the motorcycle taxi drivers I ride with glance at their mirrors to assess what’s around them.

This man obviously isn’t using his mirrors for driving although it may help in picking his nose or checking for pimples.
Not using mirrors, no helmets, carrying various loads in various places, three adults on a motorcycle–what could go wrong?
“Oh, it’s OK…. I don’t use them anyhow….”
They decided to save money and share one set of mirrors….
Remember, this is the scene today, nine or ten years after it was required to install and use mirrors. There is basically no traffic enforcement in Cambodia unless the policeman can make money or a campaign will benefit the ruling party.
With little enforcement of any kind of law, why bother to buy the mirrors?