Topics: Traffic Rules–warning flags

It seems if there is one thing Cambodians don’t like it’s traffic rules.  Driving on the sidewalk, having no front or tail lights–or no lights at all, going both directions in the same lane–none of that would give a second thought to a Cambodian driver.  But they do seem to be somewhat scrupulous about attaching warning flags to loads or materials that protrude out the back of a truck or tuk-tuk or other vehicle.

Plastic sheeting is a favorite warning flag material.
This load uses an old pair of pants.
This driver pads the projection, almost expecting that someone WILL run into it?
A lot of the plastic flags are old rice bags which are everywhere in the economy.
There’s not much sticking out but, by golly, it’s flagged!
Here NOTHING is sticking out but the driver has a plastic sheet back there in case he needs it for the next load.
Ummm…maybe they really don’t need the flag on a trailer hitch.
For this wide load, he puts on two flags.