Topics: Noise

Cambodia is a noisy place.  For many expats living here, that part of the culture is one of the hardest things to adjust to.  And the noise is not just general and environmental but intentional and deliberate.  Much of the society is illiterate and so loud broadcasts spread news and advertising.  Also, culturally there is a perception that people can’t be having fun if the noise isn’t deafening.

A really obvious source of noise in Cambodia–because it is one of the loudest– is the sound truck used for political campaigns, collecting donations for Buddhist causes, promoting events, and used by the police for crowd and traffic control.

A sound truck promoting a sporting event.
One of the new autorickshaws advertising an exhibition in the city.
Two police trucks with speakers used to control the vendors selling things on the streets near a major market.
A large trumpet speaker being hauled to a new location. Notice the double trailer behind the van.
A tuk-tuk with a speaker raising money for a Buddhist festival.