Topics: Morning Rituals 1

Much of Cambodian life is lived out on the street, on the sidewalks, and every morning there are rituals to set up for another day of business.  All sorts of items are dragged out from inside and set up in the space before the shops, (most?) often on the sidewalk, which precludes its being used for walking.

As the sun rises, this young woman uses a dolly to bring a variety of merchandise out in front of her shop.
This woman ties a golf bag full of clubs to a tree in front of a variety store that sells used appliances, sporting goods, some musical instruments, and anything else they think might sell.
These two young men drag racks and displays back onto the sidewalk for another day’s business.
This man also pushes a rack, full of paints, into place in front of his hardware shop.
This man arranges his goods on the sidewalk, probably remembering what people bought or looked at yesterday, and moving that towards the front.
This young man has dragged his phone display cases out to the street and now wipes off yesterday’s fingerprints.