Topics: Air Figures

Because Cambodia is a small, localized market without the diversity that is found in large urban centers, it is often easy to spot new fads or trends that are developing in the economy and society: changes in women’s fashions, the application of stickers to vehicles, styles of shoes, etc.

Different styles of advertising become apparent, too. One of the more recent additions is the use of inflatable figures and objects to call attention to a store or a product. Here here some inflatable objects found in just a two or three-block area of Phnom Penh.

The phone companies are major players in the inflatable figures game and the Oppo company seems to have the most displays on the streets.
A close second is the Vivo phone brand but they tend to favor arches and gateways over the humanoid figures.
I’m not sure what this figure was promoting!
This figure entices passers by to a fitness center.
This figure calls attention to a store with beauty products.
And just beyond the beauty products shop, this vendor is inflating blue balloons with helium, continuing the advertising theme (for what?) but at a different level.