Thursday — 8 August 2019

Today was a travel day, from Manchester to Lancaster, even farther north in England. And then we had a wedding rehearsal.

At noon time we were checked out of the Cresta Court Hotel in Altrincham and loaded up two cars with six people and an amazing amount of luggage. Surprisingly it all fit for the 2.5-hour trip to Lancaster.
In Lancaster we stayed at the Sun Street Studio. Here Martha Reed (2R, Caleb’s mother) and his brother William (R) talk on narrow Sun Street with Judith and Brian, the parents of the bride Sophie.
A minute later, Samuel (Caleb, the groom’s brother) came up the street with Cooper and Olivia (Caleb’s sister) and their son Julian.
This was my room at the Sun Street Studio,
in an architecturally beautiful section of Lancaster.
After getting into our rooms in Lancaster, Mark and Martha Reed (L) and their son William and I went to lunch together at a nearby restaurant.
At 4:00 PM all the family and the wedding party gathered at St. Peter Cathedral for a wedding rehearsal led by Fr. John Paul Evans (R).
At 6:00 PM, there was a holy hour at the cathedral in preparation for the wedding on the morrow. I had never encountered a holy hour on the night before the wedding.
After the hour of prayer, the wedding party went to the rectory
and had a pizza dinner together.