The look of a bishop

Bishop Olivier, the bishop of the Phnom Penh diocese is an active bishop–in many ways that might surprise people. Here are some pictures of him in some different settings.

Yesterday Bishop Olivier had an online workshop with the youth of the diocese. He established himself on a hilltop above an abandoned church built by the French which has recently been given back to the church. He was connected with his trusty laptop and then the heavens opened and the rains poured. You can’t see the rain but the bishop is quite wet.

In the other photos Bishop Olivier is with Buddhist monks distributing food contributed by the church. On the right he greets a family quarantined in their home and without sufficient food. Then at the bottom he is in his office in the provinces, meeting with a group via Zoom. Notice he has a green screen background for a more creative use of visuals on Zoom. Not many bishops would even know what green screening is.