Taiwan Meeting — Wednesday

This was the second full day of meetings for the Maryknoll Asia Region.  Two topics addressed in the morning were vocations and the state of the region.

In the presentations this morning about vocations and the state of the Asia Region, there was time for small groups to discuss what they heard and relate it to their lived experience.


Many of the Maryknollers are in relatively isolated places, and they certainly don’t have much opportunity to see each other regularly, so conferences like this one are really valuable for meeting new people and maintaining old friendships.  Here Roberto Rodriquez from Japan and Rodrigo Ulloa from China chat during a break.


At the liturgy this morning, Daniel Kim, the other newly ordained Maryknoll priest, was the presider.  Various members of our group commented how confident and poised were both Daniel and Peter Latouf in their preaching although they have only been ordained a few months.


The afternoon session involved breaking down into different small groups to discuss Maryknoll identity and structures.


Here John McAuley gives a report from one of the small groups.