Street Photographers

It’s almost an anomaly in an age where everyone has a smartphone with one (or several cameras), but Phnom Penh has a cadre of street photographers, mostly men and a few women, who roam the areas around major tourist attractions to take photos of tourists or passersby and then print the photos immediately with battery-powered inkjet printers mounted on the back of motorcycles.

Three photographers wait for customers near the Royal Palace.
A photographer sets up his printer near the King Sihanouk statue park.
An array of motorcycles cum printers and the photographers near King Sihanouk’s statue.
This man produces an 8×10 glossy for a customer in the park near the Royal Palace at the river front.
Another man checks his printer near the palace.
This man has an old motorcycle and may not trust that battery so he has added an extra car battery (mounted in front of the seat) to make sure he’s got the power he needs.