Siloam Visit to DDP — Day 1

The visitors from the Siloam Center for the Blind arrived at the Maryknoll Deaf Development Programme early Monday morning and we met at DDP to discuss finances and how the program they sponsor is proceeding.  Then we went to the Bi Salon beauty shop where five deaf women are being trained in the basics of beauty and make-up, supported by Siloam.

Mr. Choi, the director of the Siloam international projects, wanted to see the deaf trainees in action so he had the three Siloam women staff with him get their nails done.


Skills like this are very suitable for deaf women.  The only difficult part of their interaction with hearing clients is at the beginning, determining what type of treatment or what style of nails or eyelashes the customer prefers, but because Bi Salon attracts many foreign women, they have a lot of visual materials to illustrate what is available and these make the communications between the deaf trainee and the hearing client not so difficult.


Mr. Choi Dong Ic and I did not have our nails done so we used the time to talk about various aspects of the program.