Seminary Construction

Bishop Olivier has begun work on a small seminary building for training young men from Cambodia to be priests. It will be located on the grounds of the pastoral center in Phnom Penh Thmey and yesterday he held a blessing ceremony for the beginning of the work.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Bishop Olivier explained how he will use the four hectares of land at the pastoral center–in addition to the buildings already there–and how the seminary building will fit into the complex.
The bishop started the prayers with five of the eight Cambodian seminarians (three are studying philosophy at a seminary in Bangkok) and Fr. Ly (at the bishop’s right) who will be in charge of the seminary program.
Bishop Olivier was the first to cast stones into the hole to begin the foundation.
At the end of the ceremony, Bishop Olivier invited the three priests celebrating 50th anniversaries to join him and the seminarians for a photo.