Rice Harvest Season

Today I made a trip to Kampot Province in southern Cambodia to work with some staff.  Along the way I noticed the small farmers drying their rice which has just been harvested.  Kampot is only 90 miles away but the trip took 4:15 hours each way because of the terrible condition of the roads.

This is a harvested rice field with just the stubble remaining and a few cows grazing on what’s left.
Everywhere at this time of year the small farmers are drying their rice crop on plastic tarps in front of their homes and shops, even on the road in more remote areas.
This mother and her toddler son (I’m sure he’s helping) spread more rice to dry in the sun.
When it’s dry, the huge sacks of rice are stacked around the house to be picked up by a wholesale middle man.
Here is some of that collected rice heading for a warehouse.