New Developments: Inflatable Figures

In my first years in Cambodia, there wasn’t much sign of modern advertising, promotions, etc.  At best a dentist shop would have a simply painted picture of a tooth to indicate that service.  Gradually, though, more and more forms of advertising have begun to appear here.  One of the more recent additions is the inflatable object or figure, a lightweight figure inflated by a powerful fan blowing air into it to hold it upright.

The first inflatables were just simple columns that would bend and move as the wind caught them.
Then the stores–mostly phone shops, of which there are hundreds–started putting up inflatable arches to call attention to their products.
Then it became possible to see two arches–denoting different brands–at the same store.
Then more humanoid figures with arms appeared.
And then one of the arms started to wave and beckon customers into the store.
And then the figures got really tall.


Then inflatable figures got added to the inflatable archways.
Then the archways got bigger!
Then to the inflatable arch and inflatable figure was added an inflatable kiosk or tent, creating a veritable inflatable village!