Moving Out

We had already moved many chairs from the C Building, our old worship space, to the chapel, but there were still more chairs to go, along with a keyboard, music stands, and various other pieces of equipment. We engaged a couple of our motordupe drivers to help us with the heavy lifting.

It was a bit sad to see our church hall for the last few years lose all the symbols and expressions of its meaning for us.
Fr. Chatsirey, the pastor of St. Joseph Church, found his Khmer community also has some stuff stored in our old building and that will have to be moved also.
The steel chairs are relatively heavy and it took some muscle to move them.
A lot of the extra chairs–we can’t use them all because of social distancing–went up into the choir loft.
While we were moving things from one building to another, a crew from the air conditioning company was preparing to install in the chapel our old air conditioning units they had removed last week from the old church.
The church’s cleaning lady was most helpful in emptying some cabinets in the sacristy to create space for our stuff.
One of my main goals was to get our wireless microphone system integrated into the chapel’s audio system. Luckily it all fit together quite well.