Motorcycles: 20 Years Ago #2

The Honda Cubs (in yesterday’s post) were the workhorses of the urban scene two decades ago but a footnote to that time was the Honda Chaly.  It had the same 50cc engine as the little Cub but on a smaller frame.  It served a special niche of customer and even today the old Chalys and the newer models are still around.

The appeal of the Chaly was mainly in the price. It was much cheaper than the bigger, sleeker models that became available.
Another attraction of the Chaly is its size. With its smaller frame, lower to the ground, and its lighter weight, it is easier for women and people not so tall to handle.
A classic old Chaly in all its glory.  The pillion seat on the rear of the underpowered machine was standard from the beginning.
The Chalys are still around and the newer models have evolved a little. They are still light, low to the ground, and less expensive, but there has been a minimal attempt at styling.
Chalys have been popular among middle aged women–and teenagers getting their first moto, perhaps being allowed to venture out on a Chaly belonging to mom.