Motorcycles: 20 years ago #1

In the beginning was Honda…and specifically the Honda Cub.  As Cambodia began to recover from a half century of civil war, the Vietnam War, and the Khmer Rouge, people needed to move around.  Previously people in the villages had walked or rode bicycles.  Now as people migrated to the cities more transportation was called for.

Honda provided the answer and it was the Honda Cub.

The cheapest and most basic Honda was this 50cc Honda Cub.
A step up was the Honda Cub 100cc. It had the same frame but a bigger engine.
There were almost no other brands or models available so the Honda Cubs served as a major mode of transportation and also as workhorses for businesses. They became the pickup trucks of Cambodia.
This Honda Cub is from the early days and is still pulling wagon loads today.
The Cubs are still around. They look slightly sleeker but it’s the same frame and again with a bigger engine, now about 110 or 125cc.
A modern day Cub.
It’s still a basic, reliable vehicle for a good many people.
This shop specializes in keeping the old Cubs running today.
And this shop sells the new 2018 Honda Cubs (on the right side).