Monday — 5 August 2019

Arrival in London and High Wycombe

After a thirteen-hour flight from Ho Chi Minh City, I arrived at London Heathrow airport at 0730 Monday morning. My sister and her family arrived at 0630 but in a different terminal so we didn’t see each other.
After clearing passport control and customs and then buying a British SIM card for my phone, I took the Heathrow Express train to Paddington Station in London.
From Paddington Station, I had to go to Marylebone Station where the trains leave for High Wycombe where I was going to stay. It was only two subway stops away so I walked and enjoyed seeing life in a British city.
When I got to High Wycombe, I walked to the home of Justin and Vichet Smith who both worked at DDP in Phnom Penh—and liked each other and got married. They move back to England when their first daughter was born deaf because she could not attend an English school in Phnom Penh. Here Vichet was fixing lunch for her second child, Charlie, and the younger daughter Florence.
After lunch we walked into town to meet Isabella (R) who was returning from a summer program for deaf children.