Mobile Pop-Up Shops


Probably the simplest version of the pop-up shop is one like this, a scaffolding and an awning for protection against the sun and the rain–all carried on a motorcycle wagon–and a push cart full of the clothing to be sold.  The big difference between this pop-up and the ones that follow is that this proprietor has established a place on the sidewalk instead of out in the street.  Still the shop comes and goes every day.
On a slightly higher scale is this unpopped pop-up wagon on Street 63. It’s behind a van but was probably pulled into this temporary parking place by a motorcycle and is waiting for its owners to set up for the day.
This is the simplest version of the pop-up shop, basically just an empty wagon with walls to carry and display the clothing.
This is another simpler version of the mobile shop. It’s pulled by a motorcycle but basically just has fold-up and fold-down sides that make a selling platform.


This wagon has a simple extension on the back and a floor rack to set up under the extension.
This is another version of the previous wagon but it has a better-looking and more substantial extension .


And then there’s the top-of-the-line pop-up shop. Some of the vendors take panel trucks and customize them with fold-up sides and display racks. This one display his $2.50 prices prominently.