MKLM Retreat

This was the second day of the retreat about Buddhism.

Beth, Russ, and Kylene are early risers and gathered in the eating area before the staff have arrived to start breakfast.
Once again we had a heavy rainstorm in the morning but the way the center is designed, the rains did not interfere with our activities or impede the retreat.
In today’s morning session, Beth focused more on the practice of Buddhism
rather than its theory and concepts.
One of the many tropical flowering plants that fill the Meraki center.
One feature of the Meraki center is a plethora of mangoes! They are everywhere on the ground and were continually falling. There are just too many to be used. I picked up some of the more recent drops and enjoyed them after meals but one of the staff warned me that the flies lay their eggs in the fallen mangoes.
This was my room at Meraki. Everything is made of wood and quite nicely designed in a way that is aesthetic and functional both. I needed to do some work, though, and the lighting was terrible. It looks bright here because of the long exposure but I could not even see the letters on the laptop keyboard with all the lights turned on.