MKLM Board Meeting

Saturday, 6 April 2019

This morning we finished the April board meeting and then everyone dispersed and headed for home. I went to Newark Airport to catch a flight to Louisville.

Because we had fewer staff with us today, we moved our meeting into the board meeting room. First there was a continuation of the board meeting from yesterday and then an executive session.

I was heading into New York City so Ted Miles gave me a ride to the train station in Croton-Harmon for the one-hour commute.

This is the doorway leading out of Grand Central Station onto 42nd Street where the tourists were consulting their maps of this famous area.

I walked up to 41st Street and got a ticket on the bus to Newark Airport.

Traffic was terrible in NYC–even though it was a Saturday afternoon!—and I didn’t have much time at the airport before my flight to Louisville. And then there was traffic lined up for runway 22 Left.